Review – The Cajun’s Captive by Selena blake

The Cajuns CaptiveGenre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Stormy Weather, Book 1
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After centuries of solitude the stars are finally aligned just right. The handsome Deveraux brothers of Louisiana are going to meet their match this Hurricane Season.

Sebastian Deveraux is the Alpha of his pack and like all the Deveraux men, he’s sexy as pure sin. He’s waited for decades for just the right woman. For his mate. And ten years ago he’d been sure he’d found her in Amanda St. James. But she’d run from him.

Now she’s back. He’ll do anything to keep her. Even if it means chaining her to his bed.

Werewolves are my favorite heroes in romance novels, followed closely by cowboys. I couldn’t wait to read this book and started it right after I snatched it up. Selena Blake knows how to keep the readers turning the pages. I couldn’t put it down.

The Cajun’s Captive is a short read, that is hot and tells basically the whole story in a little amount of time. I didn’t see anything that was missing. With most novellas, I feel as if I missed some of the story, not so here. I got the back story and the current story all in one. This book drew me in and made me pace wanting to grab book two. I definitely will be.

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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Review – Twice Tempted by Marquita Valentine

adorable happy summer woman skippingBlurb
Born into wealth and power, Christian Romanov is Hollywood’s favorite bad boy with a golden touch…until the day his agent receives pictures of the movie star celebrating his birthday in a not-so-legal way. Now he’s been ordered to find a small-town girl to be seen with in order to improve his partying image. He agrees, but for an entirely different reason-to protect the reputation of an organization that helps get teens off the street and back into the school. Not only is he the anonymous donor that’s been solely supporting the organization since its inception, he’s slated to be their newest spokesman.

Zoe Ambrose is a hopeless romantic masquerading as a realist. But she’s also a successful novelist, trying to fit herself into a staid life when what she craves is the adventure she found one night in the arms of a playboy who never knew her name. When her successful crime series is optioned by a major studio, she travels to Las Vegas to find that the prince of her fantasies and single night of pleasure is the main contender for the male lead. But for four years Zoe has been publicly eviscerating the man who left her stranded that night—he’s the villain in her series! Now the movie star doesn’t recognize her, and Zoe is determined to protect her heart this time.

When Christian braves the small town of Holland Springs and Zoe’s overprotective family to win the girl of his dreams, he finds that his Hollywood skills might not cut it—and learns a shocking truth he never imagined. Can he can tempt her again and finally give her the epic love story she has refused to write for herself?

I really liked this story. I loved the fact that this couple had to come to a complete circle in order to be together. Just when you think they have it figured out, the hero’s evil family jumps in and messes it all up. I don’t know how these two got through all the manipulations. I hope Christian’s father gets what he deserves. I’m sure living without his sons will be some justice, but not enough.

Zoe has been in love with Christian for the past four years and he doesn’t even know who she is. I can’t imagine how much that hurts. You would think after everything that they shared he would be able to recognize her. With Christian hiding his insecurities behind his “asshat” façade, Zoe has no doubt he can’t have real feelings for her.

When Christian realizes what he’s done, he is bound and determined to win her back. He won’t take no for an answer. This couple has overcome the machinations of his evil family to keep them apart. I can’t wait to see how Sebastian and Kate work things out. If I were her, I would definitely make him work hard for me.

Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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Review – Hot Fusion by Cristal Ryder

Hot FusionBlurb
After fleeing her hometown years ago, Kara Sinclair has returned to breathe life back into the bakery her deceased grandmother left behind. She has a history in this town—one that involves her one true love. A boy she’d thought she’d give her life to before circumstance got in the way. She needs to focus on her task, but one look at Maxwell Stone and all the old feelings return. And it isn’t long before she can think of nothing else but reigniting the passion they once shared.

Max never understood what drove Kara away all those years ago, and once she returns to their Canadian hometown, he’s hell bent on getting her back into his life…and his bed. But when he uncovers the reason she left him behind, he must decide if he can move on from the past and trust his heart with the only woman he’s ever loved.

Second chance romances can be so beautiful. The way two hearts call to each other no matter how long apart they’ve been. That is the case with Kara and Max. Kara left her hometown and the love of her life when she was a teenager. His mother offered to pay her off, and told her she wasn’t worthy of her son. She also told her some other lies to push her way and make the decision for her.

Kara comes back a year after her grandmother dies to reopen the family bakery. The first person who stops in to see her is Max. They start off right where they stopped.

I really liked this story. The only problem I had was I thought the ending could’ve been longer. I wanted to see them work through their issues and hear about their HEA. Other than that, this is a really good short read. I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Rider.

Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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Review – Her Fated Cowboy by Donna Michaels

Her Fated CowboyBlurb
L.A. cop, Jordan Masters Ryan has a problem. Her normal method of meeting a crisis head-on and taking it down won’t work. Not this time. Not when fate is her adversary. Having kept her from the man she thought she’d always marry, the same fickle fate took away the man she eventually did. Thrown back into the path of her first love, she finds hers is not the only heart fate has damaged.

Widower and software CEO, Cole McCall fills his days with computer codes and his free time working the family’s cattle ranch. Blaming himself for his wife’s death, he’s become hard and bitter. When his visiting former neighbor sets out to delete the firewall around his heart, he discovers there’s no protection against the Jordan virus. Though she understands his pain and reawakens his soul, will it be enough for Cole to overcome his past and embrace their fated hearts?

*Previously released as Fated Hearts. Revamped with over 10k words added, new scenes, new ending, scenes deleted. Heat level upped to hot.

Cole and Jordan have both suffered the unimaginable. They lost their spouses at a very young age. Jordan gets through it by finally opening up to her family and realizing they had to grieve too. Her meddling parents and those of Cole decide that Jordan is just what Cole needs to get him over the same loss. Neither of them is ready for the storm of emotions the other brings out.

When this couple is finally at the point that they can love again without guilt, I didn’t know if Cole was going to bite his pride and go after the girl. This is a truly beautiful story of second chance romance (in more than one way). I can’t wait to see how Connor brings Kerri out of the shell she’s been living in since her divorce, or how Kerri reassures Connor that he deserves love too.

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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Review – Trade Off (Nashville Nights, Next Generation, Book 2) by Cheryl Douglas

Trade OffBlurb
Professional hockey player, Aiden Cooper, should be happy. He’s been traded to Nashville. But going home also means he has to face the truth. The love of his life is married to his former best friend and new teammate there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.

When Sela Clarke finds out her former boyfriend, Aiden Cooper, is finally coming home, she panics. How can she pretend she’s still in love with her husband when the only man she’s ever loved is bound to uncover the lie that tore them apart?

Second chance romances are so inspiring to me. Especially when, like in this story the reason they drifted apart in the first place was a mistake or miscommunication.

Sela thought her and Aiden would last forever, until the night before he left for Vancouver to start his hockey career she heard him say he was glad he was finally getting space from her. When she finds out two things that rock her world, she seeks comfort from his best friend and ends up married to him.

Nick is finally coming home after eight long years. He plans to confront his past and see how the hell the woman he loved could marry his best friend and vice versa. What he finally finds out shocks him to the core. He doesn’t know if he can work past it or not.

Meddling family members get these two stubborn, hard-headed lovers to realize that they finally have a second chance and they better not blow it. I love how everything finally works out. I can’t wait to read more about this huge Nashville family!

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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Review – Shameless by Cheryl Douglas

Trey Turner may be topping the country music charts but his life has been going downhill since his wife left him five years ago. He’s desperate to make amends for the mistakes he’s made and convince Sierra their love deserves a second chance.

Sierra Brooks is happy for the first time since her divorce. She has a career she loves and a fiancé who loves her. Unfortunately, her fiancé isn’t the only man professing his love. He may be able to offer her safety and security, but will she decide to risk everything for another chance with the man who broke her heart?

Shameless is a beautiful story of a second chance love, with the heroine giving up on their love for all the wrong reasons. They both blamed him and in the end she realizes it was all her fault. The secondary characters in this book were amazing and very crucial to the story. If it weren’t for meddling ex’s and family members/friends, they wouldn’t be together and might not have ever drifted apart in the first place. One thing that bothers me, the title doesn’t really fit the book. Nowhere is either of them shameless.

Sierra left Trey after feeling abandoned, only after reconnecting with him after five long years does she realize that isn’t the real reason she left. She never shared the real reason with anyone. After the death of their first daughter, the doctor tells her it is virtually impossible for her to get pregnant. Trey wants a family as much as she does and she doesn’t want to keep him from that.

So much happened to these two and with these two to keep them apart. Love truly did conquer all with them. I think it was beautiful how their story ended. I can’t wait to read how Chris convinces Lexi that settling down isn’t a bad thing. I will definitely be reading the next story in the series.

Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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Review – Her Bad Boy Billionaire Lover by Barbara Bretton

Her Bad Boy Billionaire LoverBlurb
Megan McLean had never seen a man like Jake Lockwood before. Everything about the tall, dark Aussie stranger screamed danger from his chestnut hair streaked by the sun to his powerful shoulders and the wickedly sensual grin that made her bones melt.

He was her dark knight in shining armor, the renegade lover of her deepest fantasies, and he wanted only her.

His dreams were as wild and unbridled as his lovemaking, and every bit as seductive. “One day we’ll sail around the world,” he promised her, just the two of them, naked beneath a blanket of stars.

One month later they were married.

And one year later they were divorced.

Megan went back to her world and Jake went back to his, both determined to put their failed marriage behind them and get on with their lives.

Except for one small thing.

Now, six years later, Jake Lockwood is back in her life and about to discover he’s the father of her child…

Ms. Bretton is a new-to-me author who I found by going through my recommended for me books on Amazon. I am so glad I did. I love second chance romance novels and this was  a good one. Jake didn’t realize he wanted a family until he almost walked away from the one he didn’t know he had. He didn’t want to be a no-good dad like his own. Megan never imagined she would see Jake again, or that he would be rich. When she was married to him he wasn’t. Now she just has to get away from him before he finds out she has his daughter.

If ever there was a case of right man, wrong time, this is the prime example. Jake is the perfect man for Megan, but at eighteen she had no idea what life had in store for her. She was a spoiled princess and he couldn’t keep her in the clothes and lifestyle that she was used too. Now six years later, she has grown a lot and knows what’s important in life and it’s not money.

This was a beautiful story. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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