Review – Blood Lust by Charity Santiago

Blood LustGenre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Rapid City Wolves Series, Book 1
Bought my copy from Amazon for $3.99 on May 28th, 2013

Eve came to Rapid City to escape her parents’ messy divorce, but what she finds in South Dakota exceeds her wildest dreams- and nightmares. After Eve is attacked by a wolf outside her grandmother’s house, she stumbles into a new and frightening existence as an alpha werewolf. Fated to lead the pack and obligated to choose a beta to lead beside her, Eve still cannot bring herself to forget Jericho, the mysterious vampire who saved her life. Will the wolves force Eve to choose between her destiny and her soulmate?

I really got into this book. I could totally relate to Eve’s plight. She was just trying to help out her grandma, when her whole life changes. Then, she soul bonds to her mortal enemy. That is so what would happen to me. I mean yes, she’s lucky she found her soul mate at 18, but really, how lucky is it that he’s a vampire when they are werewolves worst enemies, especially after she just gets turned into a werewolf.

I wanted to like Max and did at first, but he seems kind of manipulative now. I am buying the second book and reading it now. Look for its review tomorrow. Blood Lust definitely drew me in. I loved it and couldn’t stop reading.

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

Contact the Author:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
Buy the Book: Amazon ($3.99)


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