Review – The Wolf on the Hill by Jorja Lovett

The Wolf on the HillGenre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Wild Irish Wolves Series, Book 1
Bought my copy from Amazon for $0.99 on May 23rd, 2013

Can two stubborn wolf shifters let down their guards long enough to take a chance on love?

Lone wolf Caleb Jackson is only back in town long enough to sell his late father’s house, and the bad memories with it. He never expected to find his mate.

Good girl Mia Blake never behaves badly. Except for the time she shifts into her wolf, chases a stranger through Olcan Hills, and has the hottest sex of her life on the forest floor.

He has no desire to settle down. She is afraid to upset her family. But, with someone determined to destroy Caleb’s inheritance, and his secret fling with Mia getting hot and heavy, moving on isn’t as easy as he’d hoped.

Can either of them let down their guards long enough to take a chance on love?

I loved shifter romances and give me a wolf shifter ANY day. I can’t get enough. I was excited to read this book. This book was ok, not great. Everything was resolved way too easily for me. I wish there was more drama and that the conflict that was there would’ve been drawn out more. I think the author could’ve expanded on a lot in the book. I wish Mia would’ve told Caleb she witnessed his secret from the past. I think it should definitely be brought to the light. I think the whole town would look at him differently if they all knew.

Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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