Review – Release Me by Farrah Rochon

Release MeGenre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Holmes Brothers Series, Book 2
Downloaded my copy for free on May 22nd, 2013

Originally published by Dorchester Publishing, June 2008

Tobias “Toby” Holmes was destined for NBA stardom. But when an SUV crashed into his car during his rookie year, his dreams of playing pro-basketball, along with his spine, were shattered. After floundering from one job to another, Toby has finally found his niche in the music business. And when the singing sensation he discovered is pegged to star in a new reality TV show, Toby finally sees light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel.

Sienna Culpepper has loved her childhood best friend forever, though he has never seen anything other than the girl with skinny legs, cornrows, and mad skills on the basketball court. When Toby returns to their hometown of New Orleans to start his career as a record producer/manager, Sienna is resigned to loving him from afar. However, when Sienna and Toby find themselves working together, feelings arise that has them both rethinking their friendship.

Basketball is my favorite sport, so I had to check this out. I’m really glad I did, even if basketball played really no part in this story. My husband is from New Orleans, so I love when romance novels take place there and I especially love when it’s post-Katrina.

I don’t know how Sienna came out as well-balanced as she did other than her sister Ivana and her grandmother. Her mother is a Witch with a capital B. I can’t imagine a mother like that. I don’t understand how a woman could do what she does. She is an ungrateful and spiteful woman. Sienna is a beautiful woman who always puts everyone ahead of herself.

Toby has had it rough. He was headed for the NBA when an automobile accident took his lifelong dream from him. He is lost until he finds a great musical talent in Aria and becomes her manager.

Sienna and Toby were best friends all through high school. Once they went to college, they drifted apart. When they start a business relationship, Toby starts noticing that Sienna is not the same tomboy. I didn’t know if these two were ever going to get it together. I’m so glad that they worked it out. I really would’ve liked an epilogue to see how their life turns out. I definitely want to read Alex’s story. He deserves to be loved.

Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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