Review – The Mogul’s Reluctant Bride by Ana E. Ross

The Moguls Reluctant BrideGenre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls, Book 2
Purchased my copy for $2.99 from Amazon on May 12th, 2013

Book Two: There’s only so much rejection a heart can take…

Following the deaths of her sister and brother-in-law, Kaya Brehna is awarded custody of their three children. To avoid financial ruin, she must move them to Palm Beach where her successful career in interior decorating can provide financial security. Her plans are, however, thwarted by New Hampshire business mogul, Bryce Fontaine, who is determined to keep his godchildren in Granite Falls at all costs—even emotional blackmail.

Ever since he lost his own family five years earlier, Bryce Fontaine has been a tormented soul. His godchildren are the closest thing to family he has, and he’ll be damned before he let some corporate ladder-climbing stranger take them away from him.

When a second will surfaces that changes both their plans, to keep the children’s world intact, Bryce and Kaya enter a loveless marriage of convenience that, nonetheless, sizzles with unrelenting passion. Does Kaya have the power to free Bryce’s heart from the nightmares and demons of his past, or will his fears cause him to lose the family he’s grown to love so dearly?

Wow! These two heat it up! I can’t imagine having to go through what either of these two have. Kaya, with her vindictive, worthless mother and Bryce, losing the wife he loved. Kaya and Erik healed each other and made every day brighter. They fought the attraction tooth and nail as they were on opposite sides of a major issue. Once they worked it all out, they started to depend on each other and live for the other’s touch. I loved how they came together. I can’t wait to read more from Granite Falls! I have fallen in love with these Billionaires!

Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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Buy the Book: Amazon ($2.99)


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