Review – A Seal in Wolf’s Clothing by Terry Spear

Seal in Wolfs ClothingGenre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Heart of the Wolf, Book 9
Downloaded my copy free from Discover a New Love on May 8th, 2013

Meara Greymere is in charge of the cabin rentals on the rugged Oregon coastline, so her brother and his mate could take a delayed honeymoon. But while Hunter is away, the she-wolf intends to play—she just has to convince the right alpha male to rent one of the cabins, and she’ll take it from there. But when Finn Emerson arrives with every intention of pretending to be her lover, she’s not going to take this lying down. She knows he’ll tell her brother what she’s up to and put an end to her game.

Finn Emerson is a Navy SEAL, formerly one of Hunter Greymere’s team members, and now he’s trying to track down a gray wolf, who’s already made an attempt on one of their team member’s lives. Finn believes Hunter will be targeted next, only to discover Hunter is off with his mate on a honeymoon, and he fears Hunter’s sister is in grave danger. But the SEAL soon learns protecting the unpredictable sexy she-wolf is a mission and a half and protecting her isn’t all he wants to do.

I love werewolves and this is a prime example of a hot as hell, Alpha male. I couldn’t wait to see how Finn and Meara work through their differences. I love the fact that they’ve been fighting the attraction for so long and then fate throws them together where they can resist it no longer. There is non-stop action and loving in this book. I like the fact that the author didn’t stick with the rule and added a new aspect to the werewolf mating that I haven’t seen before. I love when an author spins something for their own series.

This is the first book I’ve read in this series, and it can definitely be read as a stand-alone. This is also the first book I’ve read of Ms. Spear’s. I will definitely be reading more. She spun a tale that drew me in and would’ve spit me out. I couldn’t stop reading until I had finished the whole book.

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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Buy the Book: Amazon ($6.15) | B&N ($7.19)


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