Review – The Forever Kind by Kaitlin Ashbury

The Forever KindGenre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Bramble Gap Series, Book 1
Won my copy in the Marketing for Romance Writers Blog Hop

Beth has always played it safe.
Growing up in the midst of scandal and rumor taught Beth O’Neal the appeal of fading into the background. Now all of Bramble Gap, AZ thinks she’s pregnant, and Beth is thrust into a spotlight she never wanted.

But safe never got her anywhere.
Gabriel Lombardi is all Beth has wanted since she was eight years old, but he never saw her as anything but his sister’s best friend. Now she finally has his attention, and even Beth is shocked at the passion they discover.

Can she be sure that theirs is the forever kind?

This book had me laughing and crying. I loved Beth and Gabe (even if I wanted to punch him a few times). As I’ve said numerous times, I love the brother’s best friend or best friend’s brother tropes. The Forever Kind was a unique addition to that because Beth was basically raised as one of the family. The fact that they were extremely close friends as well, was different.

Kaitlin Ashbury is a new author and if this is how all of her work turns out, she is going to do very well. She built the characters (secondary included) to feel like they were your family. You knew them intimately. She set the pace of the novel from the beginning and never faltered. This novel was beautiful and just about perfect. She added just enough drama and waited until the perfect time for everything.

I love novels centered on small towns, as I am from one. This depicted how they are to a tee. The nosy neighbors reminded me so much of the parents of my friends in high school. I could relate to this story so well. I’m still smiling from the book as I write this review. The Forever Kind is a happy novel, that will bring a smile to your face and laughter to your life.

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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