Review – The Tycoon’s Convenient Wife by Ros Clarke

The Tycoon's Convenient WifeGenre: Contemporary Romance
Purchased from Amazon on April 19, 2013 for FREE

Fifteen years ago, Emily Standish and Guy Munro were friends. Until she fell in love with him and he married someone else. Now Guy needs an enormous favour from his old friend and Emily has a chance to see if love can strike twice.

I really love the marriage of convenience stories turning into more, I was excited about this one because they had been friends for so long. In the end, the book wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Emily let everyone basically run over her. To me she felt no self worth. I know this is just my opinion (hence my review), but I like my heroines tough, sassy and bad ass. I didn’t get that at all with Emily.

Guy was just an ass. First, how the hell can you give up your best friend for someone? If my significant other is making demands like that before the wedding, hello red flags anyone? I just don’t see the story happening as it did and couldn’t really get into the story at all

Rating: 2 stars
Reviewed by: Slinky

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