Review – Caged Heat (Black Meadow Pack #2) by Milly Taiden

Caged HeatBlurb
Everyone has a bit of a beast inside…

After five years traveling through third world countries to teach impoverished children, Samira Suarez has returned home to Black Meadows. What Sam didn’t expect was to be instantly overwhelmed by the desire to be with the one man she’s wanted since she was a teen, Riel Karven.

Riel has been patiently waiting for Sam’s return. For five long years he’s backed off and watched her come and go. This is it. His mate is back and he’s taking a stand.

Sam’s need for Ry grows to unimaginable proportions. It’s almost as if she were in heat. But she’s a human…isn’t she?

There’s more at stake than Sam and Ry’s future relationship when she inherits her grandmother’s estate. One of her many relatives wants her out of the way.

It’s going to take all of Ry’s determination and help from his friends to keep her alive. And it’s going to take delving into her past to find out why a human is going into mating heat.

First off, let me start with the face that I love Milly Taiden’s writing. She’s an amazing author who brings me into her stories and characters and makes me feel their pain and pleasure. Sharp Change (book 1 in the Black Meadows Pack series) was the first book I read by Milly and she hooked me in with her comedic relief. I laughed so hard in that book. This book wasn’t really that funny, but it was HOT! Caged Heat is a very apt name for the book as I was sweating while reading it.

Sam has been in love with Riel since the first time she met him, but every time he’s ever tried to talk to her she runs, literally. Riel has known Sam was his mate since he first laid eyes on her. Only after her grandmother asked him to give her time did he let her go. She went to college and then on a five year mission trip. Well, now that she’s back, he’s done waiting. Their first encounter was whew, hot.

These two lovebirds had to figure out which of Sam’s crazy relatives were trying to kill her. I figured out part of it right from the beginning, but there’s a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming until it was there. Once again, Ms. Taiden drew me in, had me sweating right along with the characters and wouldn’t release me. I can’t wait to read Nat and Troy’s story, please be soon!

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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