Review – The Girl Who Cried Wolf by Paige Tyler

The Girl Who Cried WolfBlurb
Kat Sinclair is in love with Detective Reese Huntley. The only problem is that his partner is her extremely overprotective brother. And her brother has a stupid rule about her not dating cops. What her brother doesn’t know is that she and Reese have been secretly going out for months. Or at least they had been until Reese decides he can’t keep seeing her because it violates some ridiculous bro code.

Kat isn’t the type to give up easily, however, and comes up with a plan to change his mind. But her scheme to make him believe there’s a psycho after her backfires when Reese sees though her ploy and puts her over his knee for a sound spanking. That doesn’t deter Kat. She’s going to stick to her plan until she gets her man. She doesn’t care how many times or how hard he spanks her.

When it turns out that her life really is in danger, will Reese believe her? Or will he think she’s just crying wolf again?

As I said in my review yesterday, brother’s best friend is one of my favorite tropes. Unlike the book yesterday, this book played into that trope a lot. I love it. What more could you ask for, a cop’s partner/best friend falling for his sister. Perfect for DRAMA.

Kat was not giving up her man without a fight. Her exploits to get him to realize they could still be together had me cracking up and wanting to smack her at the same time. I completely understood where he came from, but I got her POV as well. These two started out as friends and fell in love. I think that is the perfect way to find your soul mate.

The ensuing drama from Kat acting out was just the right amount of oh my! I couldn’t imagine what she went through.

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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