Review – Game On (Nashville Nights, Next Generation, Book 3) by Cheryl Douglas

Game OnBlurb
When Brianna Cooper accepts a position with the legal team at Titan Records, she knows what to expect. She’s been friends with V.P. of Operations, Ryan Spencer, since they were kids. He’ll try and talk her into skipping out early and taking long lunches… it’s a good thing she’s immune to his charm.

Ryan Spencer has earned his reputation as a ladies man. He loves everything about them, so much so that he’s never been able to limit himself to just one. But when every guy in the office starts talking about the gorgeous new lawyer with the killer smile, it makes Ryan wonder how he can convince Brianna his days of playing the field are over.

I love friends to lover stories. This one was perfect, the couple so beautiful. The fact that they have known each other their whole lives fit the story so well. I think this is one of the best books along that trope that I’ve ever read.

Once Ryan realized he wanted Bri and only Bri, he stopped with his playboy life. Brianna didn’t even notice until Ryan kissed her, again. She didn’t believe him the first time, but this time, he’s leaving nothing to doubt, putting all his cards on the table.

I love the fact that the couple had to work at it even though they knew each other so well. In fact, it was that fact that made the relationship so iffy. Ryan had quite the past. The fact that they could work past that was touching.

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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