Review – Fast Track (Nashville Nights, Next Generation, Book 5) by Cheryl Douglas

Fast TrackBlurb
Teacher and part-time artist, Anna McCall, is sweet, shy, and reserved. Living in her famous father’s shadow is exhausting, which is why she decides to get away from it all for a while. She retreats to their family beach house for the summer, intent on painting, reflecting, and regrouping after a messy break-up. She’s reveling in the peace and tranquility until a famous race car driver moves in next door intent on invading her sanctuary.

Justin Hunt has one goal this summer, to forget the past year of his life ever happened and if it takes a group of rowdy jocks, loud music, kegs of beer, and bikini-clad women to help him forget, so be it. Too bad his new neighbor seems intent on spoiling his fun by distracting him from his mission.

This series drew me in and has yet to spit me out. I love it, can’t get enough. I’m reading two – three books a day. I can’t put them down. I’ve been worthless to my family all week.

This book shows how true it is that opposites attract and that there’s a valid reason for it. Anna is quiet, shy and has let fear rule her life. She just wants to be safe with everything. Justin is the exact opposite, yet when they met, the sparks fly.

Justin pushes Anna to stop living in fear and Anna grounds Justin. It’s the perfect combination. I can’t wait to read more about this couple in upcoming books.

Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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