Review – Bonded (Law of the Lycans #1) by Nicky Charles

Reno’s a tough Enforcer for Lycan Link who finds himself drawn to Brandi but duty rules his life. Brandi, just on the edge of starting her career as a Disaster Control officer, falls for Reno at first sight, but are they really meant to be? Is it love or lust and does it really even matter? Enforcers and DCs don’t get along…unless fate forces them to.

This book was amazing! So intense and emotional I didn’t want to put it down. I finally went to sleep around 1am, but started reading again at 6 am. I couldn’t stop. I had to know what happened.

If these two would’ve just listened to their wolves, everything would’ve been great, but no, they had to let their humans interfere. Brandi had a crush on Reno from the first moment she saw him. When her roommate and friend Tabitha tries setting them up by volunteering her as his assistant in his self-defense class, something unexpected happens.

Brandy can’t tell Reno her secret. She doesn’t want him to feel trapped. So she hides her feelings beneath her temper. They fight at every turn. Once Reno hears she’s leaving, he starts realizing half of their fights were caused by him and his big mouth. Hoping to part on amicable terms, he goes to her going-away party where they kiss and say farewell.

Brandi goes to her hometown in hopes of a relaxing vacation, boy does she get a surprise. The twists and turns in this book are insane. I was on the edge of my seat, holding my breath. I couldn’t wait to see what happened. The cliff-hanger ending had me going out to get Betrayed, the next book immediately. I didn’t even want to stop long enough to write this, but figured I better so both books won’t blend together. Amazing start to this series. I can’t wait for more! This is the best werewolf book I’ve read in ages!

Rating: 5 Stars (I would give it 10 if I could)
Reviewed by Slinky

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