Review – Heartless (Nashville Nights, Book 6) by Cheryl Douglas

Derek McCall was devastated when his college girlfriend married his best friend, Josh Cooper. He respected the boundaries of friendship for years, but one night they gave in to temptation. Feeling guilty for betraying his best friend, Derek left town determined to put the past and Ashley behind him.

Ashley Cooper has loved two men in her life, her ex-husband, Josh, and her ex-boyfriend, Derek. The single mom of two grown boys is finally ready to start dating again when Derek comes back to town, eager to throw his hat in the ring. Her kids are against the relationship, but is she willing to risk their disapproval for a chance to re-write history?

I really like Josh, so I didn’t think I would like this story, but this series has me so wrapped up in it, that I couldn’t help but grab it and hope. I just didn’t think I could get over the fact that they cheated with each other during her first marriage.

Ms. Douglas made me see reason though. Ashley had never stopped loving Derek. She went to his best friend for comfort and things just went too far. She never imagined when she broke up with Derek in college that they wouldn’t get back together.

Both of Ashley and Derek deserve to be happy. They have lived their whole adult lives for everyone but themselves. I think it’s a beautiful story of true love having a second chance and scaling all obstacles laid in its path. A truly beautiful second chance romance.

Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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