Review – Fearless (Nashville Nights #2) by Cheryl Douglas

Lexi Brooks has overcome adversity to build a successful real estate business that will enable her to enjoy life on her terms. She envisions travel, fun, and excitement, not marriage, kids or commitment. But will Trey’s sexy bodyguard, Josh, throw a wrench into her plans?

Being a cop taught Josh Cooper to take calculated risks, but he’s tired of living with the daily threat of danger. He’s ready to settle down with someone who wants to be a step-mother to his two teenage sons. Too bad Lexi isn’t that woman. She’s sexy, smart, head-strong, and they’re totally in sync in the bedroom, but she isn’t willing to settle for a life of domestic bliss. Or is she?

Lexi has been through hell and doesn’t trust herself not to end up there again, so she decides she will never be in a relationship with a man, no kids or marriage for her. Her best friend changes all that. She finds herself constantly comparing all her dates to Josh and they are coming up short. Her sex life is lacking something fierce.

Josh has decided he’s ready to marry again and have another kid. He starts a list of all the things he wants in a woman and figures out that Lexi fits the bill to a tee, too bad she doesn’t want a relationship.

So many things happen to this couple, so many different misunderstandings, I didn’t think they would ever get it right. I was so glad Derek woke Lexi up and Jay cleared up the last of her confusion. I couldn’t wait to see what he said. I thought there was going to be another setback when someone from one of their pasts showed up. I’m so glad Lexi got over her fear. I’m sure that Josh being willing to accept whatever she gave him helped her decision too. She had to see how much he loved her if he was willing to give up his dreams.

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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