Review – Careless (Nashville Nights, Book 8) by Cheryl Douglas

Detective, Mike Cooper, loves a challenge. So when his father, Josh, asks him to consult on a tough case, he can’t resist the temptation. He agrees to take a brief leave of absence from the police force to accompany country singer, Tori Warner, on tour. His objective? To find the crazed fan who’s been stalking her. If only Tori wasn’t so determined to play hard and fast with the rules.

Tori is tired of living in a bubble. She’s been allowing this stalker to control her life for months, and she’s sick of it. So when some hotshot detective decides to become her self-appointed bodyguard, she’s determined to show him that she’s the one calling the shots.

Tori is the most infuriating woman Mike has ever met. She refuses to take orders, even when her life is at stake. He’s tempted to let her fend for herself, but Mike can’t walk away knowing some maniac is out to get her, especially not after one explosive night makes him lose his objectivity. Suddenly, this case is personal, and Mike can’t rest until he knows Tori is safe.

I felt sorry for Mike in the first part of this series, and then he really started getting on my nerves. I didn’t know if even Ms. Douglas could redeem him in my eyes.  The beginning of the book didn’t start off too well in his corner either. I didn’t know what the hell crawled up his ass, but he really needed to get it out. And then, FINALLY he does. He realizes what an ass he’s been and has to bust his butt to try to get past it.

I was so glad that Tori made him work for it. She could have anyone she wanted and even if he was the one she wanted, she didn’t just let him back into her life. Of course, being miserable yourself and not showing it to anyone pretty much sucks.

Once Mike got his head out of his ass, this book was good. I like this couple and how they work their explosive chemistry and issues.

Rating: 4 star
Reviewed by Slinky

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