Review – Vampire in the City Series (Books 1 – 3) by Donna Ansari

Book 1: New Blood
New BloodBlurb
Emma Hammond is a normal young woman living in New York City whose life changes forever when one misstep brings her very close to death. Luckily, Alex Thompson, a handsome stranger (who also happens to be a vampire), jumps in to save her, turning Emma into a vampire. She quickly discovers the numerous advantages (no more allergies, glasses, or acne) and slight drawbacks (wanting to eat her boyfriend) of joining the ranks of the creatures of the night. But Emma soon finds out her new undead life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when she gets pulled in to an age-old dispute between two feuding vampire clans.

I love series romances. Chicagoland Vampires is my favorite! I got an email about this book and for $.99 you can’t really beat that! I could find out if I liked the author’s writing style, if I liked the characters, plot and so on. Well, I loved it and immediately bought the next two books. I figured I would just make this one big review so you could get all the info you needed about the series here.

Emma is fun. I loved her character. I wasn’t too big on Tammy and definitely not Renee. I feel like all of her friends and boyfriend/ex-boyfriend use her. They do nothing for her. She just takes it. Once she’s a vampire, not so much. I loved that part.

Alex is the vampire she saved from a stabbing, or at least she thought she did. I really wanted to like Alex, but how could you believe a word out of his mouth. Everything he told her was a lie. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. I hope he redeems himself in future books, because like I said, I really wanted to like him.

Emma just finds herself in mess after mess and now she’s in the middle of two warring Vampire leaders. Daniel saves the day. Then she meets James. I really don’t like this guy. He’s definitely another user. I just hope she realizes it before it’s too late. I can’t wait to finish the second book (which I’ve already started). I will be posting that review here as well.

Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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Book 2: Wild  Blood
Wild BloodBlurb
Recently-turned vampire Emma Hammond is not only getting used to her undead lifestyle, but also to living with her new and unlikely roommates–her human best friend Tammy, and David, a werewolf. While the girls speculate as to possible drawbacks to having such a fuzzy tenant (shedding and marking of territory, to name a few), nothing will prepare them for the dispute that is to come between the NYC clan of vampires and an upwardly-mobile werewolf pack from the suburbs. Will Emma be able to get out of it with both her undead life, and her blossoming friendship with David, intact? And, perhaps more importantly, will she be able to choose between Alex Thompson, her sire and sometimes lover, and James, a slightly-unhinged vampire with a mysterious past?


Emma, newly turned vampire, gets into so much trouble. I swear it just follows her or finds her anyway. First, the Prince of Vampires wants her dead, then her werewolf roommate joins those ranks, and so why shouldn’t her vampire boyfriend/ex-boyfriend. Alex is trying to redeem himself, which I really like and hope we get more of in the next book.

Overall, this book was ok. I didn’t get into it as much as I did the first one. I think there was just too much going on. I mean, why does one girl need to have 2 different (warring) vampires after her as well as a whole pack of werewolves. The story didn’t keep me as invested as the first book either. I couldn’t put the first book down, but I did this one, several times. I hope the next book is better and that we see more of Alex. I really don’t like how Emma is just starting to sleep with whomever. It doesn’t really fit the character from the first book.


Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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Book 3: Witch Blood
Wtich BloodBlurb
Vampire Emma Hammond and her best friend and roommate Tammy Torres have rarely had a disagreement, but that’s all about to change. Apart from hating each other’s boyfriends, the duo have more monumental problems to deal with, like controlling Emma’s growing and increasingly dangerous bloodlust and trying to get blood stains out of the carpets. And when new witch Tammy joins a coven whose leader’s lust for power knows no bounds, Emma is unwittingly pulled into their plan.


I just finished reading Witch Blood and it was much better than Wild Blood. I was so glad that it drew me back in. Emma doesn’t have problems with witches but she has a worse one with witches now. Amy is definitely going to be one to watch in upcoming books. Alex is coming around. I just hope it doesn’t take two years. I really want them to bet together. I think they would be perfect for each other.

I can’t wait until Cold Blood comes out. I hope it’s soon.  This series has peaked my interest. I want to see how Emma deals with all that becoming a vampire means in her life. I also want to see what happens with Ethan. That was left kind of open. Overall I really liked this book.


4 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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