Review – Taking His Woman by Sam Crescent

Taking His WomanBlurb
Chris Sinclair broke Erica’s heart. The only woman he has ever loved. Since that awful moment he has spent every waking moment thinking about her and wishing he could have another chance.

Erica cannot forget the love she felt at the hands of Chris, but her memories are plagued by his betrayal after he took her innocence. When they meet again, the attraction is as strong as ever. But Erica refuses to give herself easily to the man who broke her heart.

When Chris’s father is rushed to the hospital, Erica and Chris learn how quickly life can change. Instead of dwelling on the past they move into a future together. But how long can they last? With Erica’s desires increasing, can she find it in her heart to completely trust Chris or will they be doomed to repeat the past?

I read the first book in The Sinclair Men series and really liked the storyline, but the grammar mistakes and inconsistencies threw me off. I decided to give the second book a chance because I really like this author. I am glad I did. The grammar was much better in this one and I didn’t notice any inconsistencies either. I did fell it could’ve flowed a little better in certain parts, but other than being a little stilted it was a good book. I really liked it.

Second chance romances are one of my favorite tropes. They’re so beautiful. Chris and Erica definitely deserved a second chance after Chris blew the first one all to hell. I swear the men in this family need whooped upside the head a couple of times.

I did have one big problem with this book though. In the first book, Erica tells Cassie that she had a miscarriage two months after their weekend affair. Nowhere in either book does she tell Chris. I really think that she should’ve shared this.  I don’t know if it was a forgotten tidbit and I just remembered because I read them back to back or if she purposely didn’t tell him. That really bothered me though.

Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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