Review – All Riled Up: Trapped/Riley by Lori Foster

All Riled UpBlurb
Firefighter Ethan Winters may be his hometown’s new hero, but he’s played a starring role in Rosie Carrington’s fantasies for years. And Rosie has had just about enough of waiting patiently for Ethan to get over the past and see what’s right under his nose. She’ll do whatever it takes to fan the flames between them…but will Ethan prove too hot to handle?


Regina Foxworth has no clue why an unknown assailant is out to get a small-town reporter like her. Or why the police won’t take her concerns seriously. So Regina gets a guard dog—make that a four-pound “guard” Chihuahua!—and signs up for self-defense classes. But defending herself is the last thing on her mind when sexy instructor Riley Moore has her pinned to the mat.

Two books for the price of one! I loved it!
Ethan is the angst ridden hero. He has loved and was betrayed in the worst possible way. Rosie is the “one of the guys” girl that everyone loves, just isn’t in love with. Rosie is tired of hiding her feelings toward Riley. She finally ups the ante, and boy does she. When Ethan wakes up from a drunken night next to a woman, he thinks… No big deal. WRONG! The woman is his best friend. Surely he wouldn’t.

Rosie lets him draw his own conclusions on what happened that night hoping it will help him see them together. Boy, does it work. He can’t get her off his mind. He becomes super possessive. I love the friends-turned-lover aspect, but through in that her brother (Ethan’s ex-best friend) ran off with his ex-fiancé the day of the wedding and you’ve got a whole new set of problems.

I was so glad Ethan woke up and finally saw what was right under his nose. He gave Rosie exactly what she deserved… everything she ever wanted.
Rating: 5 stars

Regina was being stalked. No one would believe her though, so she takes matters into her own hands and signs up for self-defense classes. Once Riley, her self-defense instructor see’s the nervous anxiety that plagues Regina, he realizes that she might not be crazy after all and starts watching out for her.

I loved that he never let on that he didn’t believe in her. He always made her feel safe as well. Riley was a true gentlemen and Regina loved it. He got her over her self-esteem issues and worked past all her insecurities. When he helped solve the problem of who was stalking her, everything was gravy.

When Riley finally opened up about his past, Regina did the most perfect thing she could’ve done. She told him in no uncertain terms, he was exactly what she wanted in a man. I loved how she did that too.
Rating: 5 stars

Ms. Foster once again drew me in and had me loving her characters. I can’t wait to read Buck and Harris’ stories. They so deserve love too. They’re big ole teddy bears of men.

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