Review – One Night Stand by Parker Kinkade

One Night StandBlurb
Amanda Martin has the worst taste in men. After being cheated on not once, but twice, she’s lost all faith in men … and in herself. Determined to regain her confidence, Amanda decides to have a one-night stand. No relationship, no promises, no threat of being hurt again … just sex. What she doesn’t anticipate is meeting a handsome-as-sin stranger who will give her pleasure unlike any she’s ever known.

Joe Sterling has spent his life avoiding relationships, his former job as a military sniper not allowing for such commitments. Now he’s come home to Texas, to let go of the past and to prove he is more than the killer he’s been trained to be.

When Amanda’s life is threatened, Joe’s killer instinct is tested while Amanda struggles to protect her heart. Will they succumb to their overwhelming desire for each other, or lose it all by letting the past dictate their future?

I read about this book on several of the blogs I followed and the premise and reviews as well as the teasers and excerpts. I couldn’t wait to read it. I just bought it today and have already read it. I devoured it. Couldn’t put it down.

Amanda has had bad luck with relationships. She’s two for two. Two serious relationships and two cheating exs. Her friend Samantha’s advice? Get laid! I love Samantha. She is the secondary character you can’t help but love and rejoice that this is a series and there’s a chance (a strong chance) that she will get her own book. Here’s an example of her humor:

“Oh my God. Is that him?” Sam demanded from the speakerphone.

“It’s him,” Joe said dramatically.

“Holy shit,” she groaned, “I could come from just hearing your voice. Say something else!”

See, a riot a minute. She fits Amanda perfectly. Amanda is sometimes too serious for her own good. In fact, after one night she’s already having to remind herself that it’s just sex and Joe doesn’t want anything else from her. Of course, with sex like she was having, who’s gonna say that’s bad.

Joe raised his brother from the time he was ten until he left for the military at seventeen. He comes back and avoids all relationships. He’s not the settling down type. Well, until he sees the spitfire in his bar slug a drunk who had gotten to handsy with her. Here’s a part of the scene where she propositions him:

“Are you sure you’re okay, Mandy?” His voice was hoarse. His fingers were stroking her palm as he continued to hold her injured hand. She desperately wanted him to be stroking her somewhere else.

It’s now or never.

“That depends.” Amanda gave him a seductive smile. “You wanna get out of here?”

I love the sense of humor the author gives her character and the background noise of the secondary characters Caleb and Samantha have me waiting very impatiently for the next book in the Martin Family Saga. I can’t wait to read more from this author. She was new-to-me and is very promising based on this one book.

Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Slinky

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